XXXL Digital Recruiting Scout

Software for optimizing the recruiting process of a company. The software system consists of five 4 different clients for individual application scenarios, which are all connected together by an webservice (REST API). The client programs are: Career Web App for collecting the data of interested parties at fairs Application Page (Recruiting Scout) for unsolicited application[…]

Info: HSW ist die Gruppe hinter der Entwicklung des Obstrüttlers HSW Lignum 1 Umfang: Erstellen eines CI Design Konzepts Implementierung und Hosting einer Homepage in KI Design inkl. Einpflege aller Daten und Bilder Design von Werbeunterlagen und Visitenkarten

Amazon Alexa Skill

The Amazon Alexa Skill Trinksprüche Österreich supplies the user classical Austrian toasts. The Skill also supports the new Echo Show and Echo Spot devices. The Echo Show/Spot additionally displays appropriate images to the toasts. Download Skill: Privacy policy: This skill does not collect any user – related data. Terms of use: There are no restrictions in[…]

Image of Voraberger Markus Website

Voraberger Markus Hackschnitzelerzeugung

The very first project I implemented was developing a website for the company Voraberger Markus in 4681 Rottenbach. The project was composed of: Creating the webdesign Implementing the website Implementing a custom administration backend and hosting the website Link to the homepage of  Voraberger Markus: